Jaydon Elge to Compete at Grappler Fall Classic.

By Rob Sanders (@huskergrappler)
On January 29 of 2016, Jaydon Elge suffered a season-ending spinal cord injury during a match. His doctors diagnosed the injury as Neuropraxia, meaning his nerves were  asleep/paralyzed. Elge was unwavering in his focus to walk again, and made miraculous improvements in his rehabilitation. 
As his amazing progress continued, doctors and rehab specialists cleared him to get back on the mat on May 3rd. Elge has been training and preparing since then, and will make his return to competition at the Grappler Fall Classic in Battle Creek, Michigan this Saturday.
Below are the Preseeds at his weight class and the link to watch action live:
#1 Kam Bush, MI (12) – D1 State Champ
#2 Joe Koontz, OH (12) – DII State 4th ‘15
#3 Nathan Atienza, MI (12) – D1 State Champ
#4 Danny Braunagel, IL (11) – 1A State 2nd
#5 Angel Del Cueto, FL (11) – 3A State 3rd
#6 Colt Yinger, OH (11) – DIII State 5th
#7 Jaydon Elge, NE (12) –  Class D State Champ ‘15

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